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What is a Great Logo?

A great logo stands apart from the crowd. A great logo is one that is recognizable instant... more »

What is a Great Logo?

A great logo stands apart from the crowd. A great logo is one that is recognizable instantly and leaves no doubt as to what it represents.

One quick glance at the Swoosh and immediately one knows that this is Nike. One glance at the Star and we see Texaco. One quick glance at the “Apple with the bite out" and we know it is Apple computers.

This is what we all strive for in corporate identity. We hope that our designers have listened to our collective input, asked the right questions and truly have an idea what our company represents or markets or services.

As we all realize simplicity can be eloquent. We want our logo to be clever but straightforward, easily understood but able to convey a strong image, uncomplicated but at the same time unusual. Different but memorable. Unique but easily reproducible.

A great logo can make or break a company’s reputation. It establishes an image of credibility, of reliability, of integrity and even success. A small company with a terrific corporate identity can achieve an image of professionalism just through the effective and prudent use of a great logo. But conversely an amateur or illegible or just a poor logo or corporate identity can be the reason that a company loses market share.

It stands to reason that if a company projects a questionable logo or muddled corporate image than one is justified in coming to the conclusion (perhaps erroneously) that this questionable corporate image might be indicative of an overall corporate philosophy of un-professionalism.

Creating an excellent logo is definitely not an easy task. It can take much time, concentrated effort, many disappointments, many revisions, many modifications, and untold “tweaking", but if your chosen logo designer has taken the time to do his due diligence than all of the time, effort and, of course, investment will all be worth it in the long run.

Our philosophy is simple. We strive to create what we call the WOW factor. When you first open up the page to your new set of logos and if the first thing we hear is “WOW" than we know we are that much closer to creating a great logo for you.

Words and wisdom of one of the premier logo design consultants in the USA

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